This is the official home page for the Journey With Christ (JWC) Community. Designed for anyone who wants to know more about the Journey With Christ ministry. Whether you are new to the JWC ministry or have already attended a high-school aged or young-adult Journey you will find everything you need here to sponsor, register to work and support this ministry.

Click on the links above to find out more about the JWC ministry, what we believe and the schedule of upcoming events.  If you have questions or can’t find what you are looking for please feel free to contact any of the JWC board members for help.


Where: Pioneer Park (401 E Elm St. Connell, Washington)

When: Cinco De Mayo (May 5, 2018) Time: 12:00 noon- 4:00 pm

What is a Hoot?
• A Hoot is an event for the Journey & Walk community featuring fellowship, worship & food.
• Hoots give an opportunity to build relationships without the stress that comes with working a weekend.
• Anyone who has gone on a Journey with Christ or a Walk with Christ is welcome to attend.

Bring your favorite Mexican dish or salsa, eat carne asada, play minute to win it games, worship our awesome God, and fellowship with others in the Journey and Walk with Christ community!

Please RSVP as soon as possible so we can get an idea for food. You can RSVP here

If you have any questions feel free to email Chaianne Cutts at chaianne.cutts@gmail.com, Meaghan Shell at meaghan.shell@yahoo.com, Kaylie Cole at kayliecorelle@gmail.com, or Daniel Miles at daniel@dmiles.us


We are sad to report that the Young Adults Journey for this summer has been canceled. The Journey Board was unable to find a director who was able to lead the weekend. We held off on canceling the weekend as long as we felt we could but feel like we have reached a point where there is simply not enough time for a director to prepare. It was an especially hard decision for the Board to make as we already had one cat registered for the weekend. We are still currently searching for directors for both Boys Journeys remaining this year and for a Girls director for the fall. Please continue to pray that directors will be found for these weekends.


The JWC Board needs some help from the community.  If you know of someone within the Walk or Journey with Christ communities that you think would be a future potential director for a girls, boys or young adult weekend, please submit their name to the JWC board for consideration.  The nominations form can be downloaded here.  If you have questions please contact any of the JWC board members.