2020 JWC Board Members

Input from the community is always welcome! Please feel free to contact any board member it you have any questions or concerns you would like to address. Just click on any email link to send an email or call the number listed.

If you are interested in what the various JWC board positions entail, click the link associated with the position for more details.

Position Committee (chair) Name Phone Email
President vacant
President-Elect Documents Review Theresa St Hilaire (509) 492-1607 Email Theresa
Past-President Advocate/Laydirector Training Chelsea Klicker (509) 876-1876 Email Chelsea
Secretary Cynthia Wheeler (509) 420-3523 Email Cynthia
Registrar Kelly Matthews (509) 599-5236 Email Kelly
Treasurer Brandy Pancoast (509) 738-4913  Email Brandy
Church Finder Kim Haack (509) 282-0590 Email Kim
Nominations Nominations Elizabeth Goodwin (509) 430-1551  Email Elizabeth
Spiritual Adviser vacant (509)-308-5698  Email Kriss
Spiritual Adviser Amanda Daniels (509) 521-0802  Email Amanda
Spiritual Adviser Dave McCue (509) 690-3139  Email Dave
  Community Representative Song Team Support Dale Rodgers (509) 460-0032 Email Dale 
Young Adult Community Representative Andrew Black (509) 628-7030 Email Andrew 
Young Adult Community Representative Jimmy Creason (541) 626-3918 Email Jimmy
Youth Community Representative Kaitlyn Halsted (509) 987-3102 Email Kaitlyn
Community Representative Ron Self (208) 627-3917 Email Ron
Community Representative Kelsey Cleveland (509) 389-2959 Email Kelsey
Community Representative Flight Report / Webservant Jon Page (509) 521-2946  Email Jon
Community Representative Trailer Guardian Brandy Pancoast (509) 738-4913  Email Brandy