Ready to work a Journey With Christ weekend?

If you have made a Walk With Christ, Journey With Christ, Chrysalis, Teens Encounter Christ (TEC), Cursillo, Tres Dios or Young Adult Journey, you can work a Journey With Christ. Visit the Events page to find online registration for upcoming Journey’s for candidates and team.

Want to sponsor a Caterpillar? If you are 18 years or older, you will need to fill out an Adult Background Screening Form which will be sent to you by the Registrar when you submit a Team Registration. The background screening must be completed every three years. Because of the time it takes to complete background screenings, it’s important to submit your registration and screening at least 10 days before the Journey weekend you plan to work. Again, please check with the Registrar to see if you need to complete a Background Screening Form as soon as possible so your screening can be completed before you’d like to serve. If JWC doesn’t have a current screening on file for you, you won’t be able to work until one has been completed.

If you are interested in sponsoring someone for a JWC weekend go to the 2024 Journeys & Board Meetings page to check the dates and locations of the upcoming weekends. Find one that will work best for you and your candidate. Fill out a Caterpillar Registration Form. Be sure all sections are filled out by the appropriate people, including candidate’s parent/guardian name. Send completed form to the Registrar. A NEW OPTION is now available: an online Caterpillar Registration Form that is unique for each Journey and located on the 2024 Journeys & Board Meetings page. Be sure you have read the JWC Brochure, describe what’s in it to the caterpillar and their parents, if younger than 18. Also, be sure you get the cat’s parents permission if the candidate is less than 18 years old BEFORE submitting an online Caterpillar Registration Form. Should you have questions, please contact the Registrar at

If you would like to share some general information about the Journey with Christ ministry, you can download and print a JWC Brochure. If you are looking for information about how to sponsor a candidate, you can download and print a JWC Sponsor Brochure.

JWC Board Information

Want to know more about the Journey with Christ Ministry?  You can view our policies and by-laws.  Wish to nominate someone to serve on the JWC board or to serve as a lay-director?  Click here to  fill out a nomination form.

JWC Director Resources

If you are an upcoming JWC director you will find resources, manuals and guidelines to assist you in the preparation for you Journey weekend here.  A password is required to access this information so please contact your advocate or any JWC board member to gain access.